"SheetCMS, the best way to use Google Spreadsheets as a CMS"
Zip through your spreadsheet with blazing fast search and quick filters
That's what we call a simple CMS!
Zip through your spreadsheet with blazing fast search and quick filters
I see beauty in simplicity, and that is exactly what my API is about. Stripped down to give you an experience that's nothing but pure, and nothing less than blissful - so that you can be focussed on the things that matter most. Try for yourself: this is the output, and this is the Sheet.
Takes you straight to the point
Clean functions for the best website building experience
SheetCMS has highly efficient functions to search/get specific cells through a simple and intuitive triangulation method in 1.. 2.. 3..
Write here, Write now!
Clutter-free compose screen to help you write long emails
The CRUD methods are so clean, simple and logical that nothing comes between you and what you want to create. I didn't just design it for reading a cell, or rows of cells, it also inspires you to write and update any cell, even whole worksheets. After all, if you're making a CMS, why not go all the way?
SheetCMS supercharges your blog
with space-age features that put you on top of the world.
Instant Changes
Make instant changes from Spreadsheets. Know more
Never lose data
Simply use revision to revert back. Know more
Create highly complex structures
Create super content through APIs and tools like Blockspring
Multiple users
Share your Google Sheets securely with anyone. Know more
Most powerful Backups
Protect your Backups by downloading the spreadsheet.
No maintenance
Goes on for infinity.
Works on all platforms
PHP, Ruby, Python, jQuery, Node.js, you name it..
Take off in 3, 2, 1…
Try SheetCMS not-for-free. Pay just for a month, no strings attached.
I will personally help you to set it up if you register for more than six months.
I say you won't look back.
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ISRO is on standby to help you. Give us a shout out on Twitter or hit me up on [email protected]