SheetCMS Documentation


Are you focussing on the real content?

Would you not want to create the fastest CMS with the highest control, zero database maintenance, and the flexibility to use any HTML template available on the internet (and not just custom themes)?

With SheetCMS you can:

  • You can query entire sheets at once
  • Query specific cells
  • Write into specific cells or insert new rows
  • Search for cells/rows by keyword



  • No more database maintenance
  • Powerful security of Google Spreadsheets
  • Use Spreadsheet functions to directly manipulate data
  • Simple revert and back up options from Spreadsheet
  • Share the spreadsheet securely with multiple users



  • Option to use personal Google Service Account
  • Read entire sheets at once in json format
  • Write/Update entire sheets at once in json format
  • Read specific cells
  • Write specific cells
  • Simple GET requests



There are no hidden costs whatsoever, you get access to the API for a flat 350 INR per month. There is absolutely no limit to the number of API calls.

You can make payment to this link:

You may please pay the sum of:
INR 350 for one month;
INR 3500 for ten months;
INR 3600 for twelve months;


Once payment has been made, I would reach out to you with your account details. I would personally help you to get the most out of the API if you sign up for more than six months.



SheetCMS has all the functions of a typical database application, it can Create, Read, Update and Delete

The following functions are available in SheetCMS:


Read a cell

The API employs an unique triangulation method.
  • Read by row no.
row name email password
1 random1 [email protected] pass1
2 random2 [email protected] pass2

echo sc_read(2,'email');

returns: [email protected]


  • Read by adjacent cell value
row name email password
1 random1 [email protected] pass1
2 random2 [email protected] pass2

	echo sc_read('random1','name','email');

returns: [email protected]


Write to a cell

  • Insert a new row

This documentation is prone to errors of Natural and Programming languages. If you find them then please take a note and apprise me of it by writing to [email protected] Enjoy! :)